Why Is AI So Dangerous? | An Expert Opinion

Elon Musk, alongside a thousand other signatories, vouched for an immediate pause on training stronger AI systems in an open letter in March 2023. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman reacted to it by saying it lacked technical nuance. But some days later, Sam urged U.S. federal lawmakers for government intervention to prevent the abuses of AI. … Read more

Pictory VS InVideo | Better Pick In 2023?

Video editing tools are vital in creating short-form visual content. Especially in the backdrop of their rising popularity today. People consume video content more than any other creative format available. The software helping us to generate videos within seconds already has a soaring demand everywhere. Among the trendy names, the platforms Pictory and Invideo rank … Read more

Pictory Ai Reviews | Better than Human Editors?

Who doesn’t want to create professional video content effortlessly? An excellent AI tool that gives you the upper hand in creating last-minute script-to-video content for yourself or your clients is all that you need. Among all the paid and free tools out there, Pictory AI manages to stand out. But is it really worth your … Read more

PiPiADS VS Minea | Which Is The Better Choice?

With more than 4.5 billion people using the internet worldwide, digital marketing has become crucial for companies looking to connect with their intended customer base. Targeting an audience through social media applications is affordable as creating an effective ad is a one-time investment, and the engagements it receives in the form of likes, views, and … Read more