11 Linktree Alternatives | Free & Paid 2023

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By Jane Robinson

Linktree is a popular ‘link in bio’ platform, and I have shared my experience in a recent review article that covers its positives and negatives.

While Linktree is excellent at what it offers, unfortunately, many people find it overpriced. As a result, most end up looking for better alternatives to Linktree.

linktree link in bio tool

To make it easier for people looking for similar tools, I have compiled a list of 11 Linktree alternatives, both free and paid.

Linktree Alternatives | 11 Handpicked Options 2023

I aim to list affordable and free Linktree alternatives, as I have personally used the platform and understand that pricing is the only reason people are looking for other options.

Let’s get started with our list. 

ichi.gg – Best Free Linktree Alternative

I know that the name doesn’t sound so brandable but trust me, this is one of those rare tools still offering its link in bio server for free.

Along with consolidating links to a single page, it provides a wide range of features, such as URL shortener, QR links & customization, and more. 

This free Linktree alternative offers 2 free domains and enables users to add custom domains. With ichi.gg’s built-in analytics that matches the Pro & Premium plan of Linktree users get all the essential tracking insights and can even create Pixels.

ichi.gg - Best Free Linktree Alternative

Apart from these features, you can access 140+ useful web tools like DNS lookup, who.is checker, and more.


  • Variety of tools
  • Analytics Insights
  • Completely FREE to Use

The major drawback of ichi.gg is that it doesn’t let the users remove the branding from the profile page.


Many.bio is another Linktree alternative that is more affordable, offering both free and paid plans. With a wide range of customizations and three free domains, Many.bio also allows for unlimited links within its free plan.

Its pricing structure is better than that of most link-in-bio tools, as it also provides a lifetime plan for $60 that includes features such as analytics and logo removal, similar to what Linktree offers.


  • Offers Lifetime Plan for $60
  • Basic features for free
  • Responsive Templates


  • Doesn’t offer link tracking in the free plan


Popular known and marketed as the best Linktree alternative, Milkshake is a new-age link in bio tool.

milkshake affordable linktree alternative

It became popular because of its mobile-friendly interface and aesthetic card-like templates. Except the removal of branding for whichi it charges $2.99 per month, everything is available for free.

Contact In Bio

Launched in 2018 and acquired by Taplink in 2021, ContactInBio is another link in bio web app that offers mobile optimized landing pages to consolidate a pool of links. 

Like most Linktree alternatives, ContactInBio is also based on a freemium model which means it offers free & paid plans. Its free plan offers link tracking & analytics, which makes it one of the best free Linktree alternatives. 


If you are an existing Linktree user, this web app offers a feature to import links that makes recreation easier.


Solo.to is one of the most underrated link-in-bio tools on the market, with a decent and unique pricing structure.

While its free plan offers limited features, it does provide basic analytics access for the past week, which is sufficient for beginners.

According to its users, Solo.to’s landing page is comparatively more responsive than that of any other freemium link-in-bio tool. 


bynd.li is a new link in bio platform that offers URL shortner, QR customization, data tracking and more such features. 

Though there are limits in almost everything, it offer 1 event tracking in the free plan. Rest, the pricing is similar to Linktree’s but it has more to offer comparatively. 


Pagecloud is basically a platform widely used to build custom website but recently they launched a free single custom webpage that can be used as landing page, contact page or even as link clusters. 

They offer all the required analytics insight and claim to offer templates that are fast and flexible. If you are searching for a free tool like Linktree, I recommend trying Pagecloud’s link in bio tool.



  • Integration with Social Media networks
  • Drag & drop ability
  • Tracking


Not for newbies or people who are new to website building.

Linkpop by Shopify 

One of the best linktree alternatives for business, Linkpop aims to offer more conversions compared to any other free link-in-bio tool, thanks to its responsiveness and design. With the ability to add and track social links and products, Linkpop is completely free to use, making it an excellent choice for users.

free linktree alternative - by shopify

Additionally, Linkpop offers monetization options, allowing users to directly sell products, dropship, and participate in affiliate marketing. For those seeking a free alternative to Linktree, Linkpop is surely a top contender.


  • Easy integration with Shopify account
  • Responsive & Flexible
  • Analytics insights

Biosites.com by Unfold

I have tried over 30 link-in-bio sites, and I can confidently say that Biosites is the best in terms of its setup and user interface.

With a variety of templates, Biosites offers everything that you would pay for with Linktree. Similar to the Buy Me a Gift and Tip Jar features, users can monetize their Biosites page as well.

If you are confused about which Linktree alternative to choose, I highly recommend trying Biosites before selecting your primary link-in-bio tool.


Similar to Shopify, Koji is a platform that allows users to sell anything online through social media. Specifically designed for social media influencers, Koji offers a variety of templates with different use cases.

The best part is that Koji is completely free to use, with users only required to pay a transaction fee of 5% for most templates.


  • No pricing for any feature — absolutely free.
  • Variety of templates
  • Easy to setup


  • Extensive customization options may have a learning curve.


Last but not least, Lnk.bio is another link-in-bio web app that offers unlimited links, a user-friendly interface, and analytics insights.

What amazed me was the pricing structure, which includes a free plan, monthly subscription, and two lifetime deals. For those interested in the mini plan ($1/month), the $10 lifetime plan is a cheaper option in the long term.


  • Easy to use and manage multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Ability to associate images with links on Instagram.
  • Lifetime price option and frequent improvements.


  • Limited design options and odd image size.
  • Adds an additional task to the workday.
  • Users may experience errors when updating their page

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Linktree be Used as a Website?

Linktree offers micro landing page and cannot be used a website but you can link third-party sites to Linktree. If you are searching for a link in bio tool that can be used as a website, try PageCloud

Is It Safe to Use Linktree Alternatives?

There is little to no risk involved in using any link in bio tools since they do not require any permissions. And the mentioned Linktree alternatives are completely safe to use. 


All of the mentioned alternatives are completely safe to use as I have personally tried each link in bio tool. I have covered both paid and free Linktree alternatives that you can use in 2023.

If you believe that I missed out on something that should have been added to this piece, please share it in the comment section below, and we will surely address it in our updates

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