Linktree Review | Mere Webpage Or An Essential Tool?

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By Jane Robinson

Meta’s new social media app, Threads, has taken the world by storm, reaching more than 1 million users within just 1.5 hours of its launch.

With so many profiles and new applications, it is challenging to fit all your links into a single bio, and that’s where Linktree comes into play. Linktree solves the problem of limited space in social media bios by enabling users to create and customize a landing page that centralizes all links in one place.

To the people searching for Linktree reviews, I’ve tried the Saas by myself, and here’s my complete experience using it.

Linktree Review 2023 | Is It Really Helpful?

Founded in 2016, Linktree is a web tool that allows users to create and customize a landing page and add links to social media accounts, websites, and more. 


I enjoy trying new technology, including new social apps, which eventually increase the number of links on my profile. While these links may not be significant for everyone, they are crucial for those who make a living online, such as influencers, YouTubers, small business owners, and more.

While some people can put these links on their websites, many want to avoid the hassle of hosting and managing a website. That’s why Linktree has become so popular and has around 35 million users. 

Why use Linktree?

Linktree is based on a freemium model, meaning it is partially free to use. I don’t think one should pay for mere customization, but compared to the hassle of hosting a website and designing the homepage, Linktree is a helpful solution to move to.

I’ll discuss all the features comprehensively, but the insights/data it offers are helpful for people not well-equipped with setting up websites & using analytical tools.

Let’s get started with the features of Linktree. 

Features Offered by Linktree

Besides the primary feature of consolidating multiple links into a single landing page, there’s more to it.

Link Aggregation

Not everyone has a personal website to showcase their links, which is what Linktree solves. It aims to help users consolidate all their links into a single landing page, including social media links, product pages, and more.

linktree example

This saves users the hassle of hosting and managing a personal website, making organizing and sharing their links with their audience easier. With Linktree, users can collect phone numbers & emails and embed tweets, Youtube videos, and Pinterest accounts.

Apart from unlimited links, users can also lock each link with a password. If putting links in your social bio is a struggle, Linktree is a must-have tool.


Linktree allows users to prettify their landing page by removing the Linktree logo, exploring different button and font styles, switching themes, changing the background to any custom image or video, and more such features.

Unfortunately, most of these customization features are unavailable in the free plan, and users would need to upgrade to the Starter or Pro subscription to access them. I will discuss Linktree pricing in more detail later in this article.


Hands down, the best thing that Linktree offers is tracking data. This is one of the most important aspects for someone who makes a living from their social media presence. 

Here’s what you get:

Individual Link Tracking: It allows users to check analytical insights for any specific link over any time period within the last 365 days. This feature shares information such as Click-Through Rate (CTR), number of clicks, location, referral source, device, and more.

Location-Based Insights: This allows users to view the city and country of the total number of views to their Linktree profile and the clicks for each link within.

linktree analytics

Commerce Insights: Perfect for people in the e-commerce or e-selling industry, it provides users with information such as the timing of a click, Click-Through Rate (CTR), gross and net revenue, transaction counts, and more.

Email & Phone List Analytics: Simple insight into the total numbers & email addresses that you have successfully accumulated. 

Data Export: As the name suggests, the user can export the analytics report to a .csv file.

Using tracking features, users can make informed decisions about their link structure and determine which design works best for them.


Linktree offers exciting features that can ease the process of making money online, which is as lucrative as it sounds.

You can auto-generate your affiliate link for some of the most popular affiliate networks, including amazon affiliate, AWIN affiliate program, and commission junction.

Like Gumroad, Linktree allows its users to list their digital products without hassle by supporting payments with PayPal and Square. Moreover, features like the Tip Jar and Buy Me A Gift enable users to increase their revenue incrementally.

Apart from these benefits, Linktree offers marketing options such as Facebook Conversion API, Google Analytics, Google Sheets for email and number export, SEO configuration, and integration with Zapier and Mailchimp.


Linktree offers a range of exciting features, but most come at a cost. The platform operates on a freemium pricing model, meaning all users can access the core software but with certain restrictions.

In this section, I’ll break down what features are included in each plan and help you make an informed decision.


The number of features a user gets with the free subscription is less, but it offers the basic functioning, i.e., consolidating links in one place. You can add unlimited links without subscribing to the paid plans and get access to features like NFT & NFT Gallery lock, in-built contact form, Twitter & Pinterest embed.

In terms of monetization, a free user can sell digital goods, add buy me a gift or tip jar option, and all these payments would be smooth as it supports PayPal and Square.

Most of the customization is restricted, but you can change background colors and have access to the free themes. Rest all the basic customization is available, like adding a title, description, and bio, adding icons and linable thumbnails along with support banners.

The free subscription on Linktree provides basic functionality, consolidating links in one place. Although it offers fewer features than paid plans, users can add unlimited links without subscribing. Additionally, they can access features such as NFT and NFT Gallery lock, an in-built contact form, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube embeds.

Linktree also supports monetization for free users, allowing them to sell digital goods, add the Buy Me a Gift or Tip Jar option, and accept payments through PayPal and Square.

Most customization options are restricted in the free version, but users can change the background color and access free themes, but other basic customization features, such as adding a title, description, bio, icons, and linkable thumbnails, are available. 

Unfortunately, the free Linktree plan does not offer any analytical insights, and the support response time is 48 hours, which is twice as long as the Starter and Pro plans.

Starter Plan – $5/m 

Pretty obvious, but the starter plan has all the features available in the free subscription. In the starter plan, users get the link animation option that can be used to improve the CTR. 

Users can improve revenue for digital sellers by offering the Payment Lock option, which locks the PDF/Doc file until payment is made. Users can set a timer with the Schedule feature to make the link live at a specific time.

There are no restrictions on monetization features, as users have access to all affiliate programs, including Amazon Associates, AWIN, and Commission Junction, which make it easy to generate affiliate links. 

In terms of customization, users can switch font and button styles, access premium themes, and use NFT, photos, and videos as their background. However, even with a subscription to the Starter plan, users won’t be able to hide the Linktree logo. 

With the $5/month plan of Linktree, users get individual link tracking that enables them to track specific links for a year and provides data on clicks, click-through rates, revenue, location, source, device, and more. However, it only shows the top 10 referred and location-based data, and the support response time is 24 hours.

linktree pricing

Pro Plan – $9/m

$4 extra a month, and you unlock 95% of the features of Linktree. The Pro plan includes all the features of the free and Starter plans, so I will focus on the additional features it offers. 

With useful features like email & phone number collection, users can embed the latest tweet & youtube videos, which differs from what users get in the starter plan. Here, you don’t need to update the links; it’ll automatically display the latest tweet and youtube video. 

If you only want community members with a passcode to access a link, you can use the Code Lock feature, which protects the URL with a password of your own choice.

After subscribing to the $9/m plan, users can hide or remove the Linktree logo and make their Linktree more brandable. There’s no restriction in the analytical insights & marketing tools like SEO settings & integrations, except the data export feature is still locked. 

Business owners can add multiple admins and grant them access to the Linktree account without exchanging passwords.

Premium – $24/m | The I’m Rich Plan

I don’t mean to judge anyone, but who would spend $24 monthly to access so-called ‘exclusive content,’ a 30-minute onboarding call, and 4-hour support?

As a business owner or influencer with no tech skills, I would prefer to hire a freelancer or learn to host and design a WordPress site instead of spending money on a third-party tool with limited functionality.

Overall, you don’t get anything else besides the features I just mentioned, and I would never recommend anyone to buy this premium plan. Instead, I suggest exploring these free Linktree alternatives.

Linktree Pros & Cons 

185M+ visitors in a month proves that Linktree has solved a real issue, but is it worth it? Here are some pros & cons of the link-in-bio tool —- Linktree. 

My Likes

  • Easy setup
  • Unlimited Links
  • Free to Use (at least the core function)
  • Customization
  • Variety of themes
  • Monetization options
  • Analytic Insights
  • Customer Support

With customization & tracking data, creators can leverage and enhance their audience’s experience. For the masses, it does solve the problem of listing all important links in a single link. 


  • Too much restriction in the Starter plan
  • Support time is too long even for the Pro users
  • Overpriced 

As internet users become more tech-savvy, even people with no tech background can learn how to create a site or design a landing page.

Considering Linktree’s pricing,  I don’t recommend upgrading to any of their paid plans. It would be a more reasonable deal if the Pro features were included in the Starter plan, but it may not provide enough value for the cost. Overall, getting a website with more functionality at a much cheaper price is possible.

Linktree VS Milkshake | Which Is Better?

Both Linktree & Milkshake offer similar servers and can be defined as the best link-in bio tools in the market.

While Linktree and Milkshake offer the same functionality of consolidating links into a single landing page, they differ. Linktree is a well-established link in bio tool launched in 2016, while Milkshake is a newer platform.

However, this doesn’t mean that Milkshake is inferior to Linktree. In fact, Milkshake has gained popularity for its simplicity and mobile-first interface. It offers a more aesthetic look with the card-like templates, and the best thing is you don’t have to pay anything to get on with it and a small fee of $2.99 to remove the branding.

Milkshake is a good option for basic and user-friendly needs, while Linktree is better for advanced features and customization. The ultimate choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. I’ll craft a more in-depth comparison of these two links in bio tools soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Linktree Links Safe?

Linktree is a well-established online tool that consolidates important links onto a single page, making it easier for creators and businesses to share them with their audience. While Linktree itself is safe to use, it’s important to exercise caution when clicking on links and to be mindful of potential scams or phishing attempts.

With over 35 million users, it’s possible that hackers/scammers could use Linktree to carry out malicious activities. As responsible internet users, we should always be cautious of the links we click on and the files we download online.


Why Linktree Is Bad?

Linktree is bad for users who are looking for complete customization and control over their traffic.

By restricting the users, Linktree pushes the user to purchase the paid plans, and even the $5/m starter plan has plenty of restrictions. But it isn’t right to portray something as “Bad” just because they are offering something expensive or overpriced.

Linktree Change Username: How to Do? (Steps)

To change the Linktree username, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the Linktree website, login to your account.
  2. Click on the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on “Profile” in the left-hand menu.
  4. Under the “Profile” section, you will see the “Username” field. Click on the field to edit your current username.
  5. Type in your desired new username and click “Save Changes”.

Note: Once you change your username, the old username will no longer be available, and your Linktree URL will change to reflect the new username.

Be sure to update any links or promotions you previously shared with your audience to reflect the new URL.

Closure | Linktree Reviews

There are mixed Linktree reviews online, likely due to differences in user preferences and levels of knowledge about the platform.

It is a great tool for people who struggle to manage and share their links effectively, but its pricing structure is strange.

 If you have a budget for any of Linktree’s premium plans, consider creating a personal website on Fiverr instead. In the long run, it’s often more cost-effective to have full control over your website than to spend $50 to $240 per year on a platform like Linktree, where you have limited control and customization options.

Rest everything comes down to the need & preferences of a user, and I believe its free plan is perfect for amateur creators & influencers. 

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