Pictory VS InVideo | Better Pick In 2023?

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By Anderson Smith

Video editing tools are vital in creating short-form visual content. Especially in the backdrop of their rising popularity today. People consume video content more than any other creative format available. The software helping us to generate videos within seconds already has a soaring demand everywhere. Among the trendy names, the platforms Pictory and Invideo rank at the top. But which one is better if we pit them against each other? Know it in this battle of Pictory VS Invideo.

If you are also reeling under the confusion about the superior video editor you would finally purchase, the clash of features and feedback between the two top-notch players will surely help.

Pictory VS Invideo | The Better Video Creator?  

The launch year of Pictory AI is 2020, three years after the launch of Invideo in 2017. The platforms drew plenty of users into their space in a short period. Both have a knack for creating solid tapes in just a few clicks. With competing price ranges and features, these tools helped customers to garner views and audiences. But it’s crucial to be aware of their minute correlations and contradictions. And that’s why a complete comparison to find the better one of the two awaits right below us.

Features and Functions    

Both platforms have divided features for the users to try out whatever they feel is the best for them. It starts with direct access to specific amenities these tools provide to the new users beginning their journey (as a hobby) on Pictory or Invideo. The other plans involve space for professional creators and small businesses, educators, and influencers. The agencies and larger teams can share and collaborate on shared features.

Pictory features

The customization features of Pictory are fewer, like its number of templates. Still, they are superior to Invideo in terms of quality. The numerous templates of Invideo are varied and well-segmented into several categories (memes, weddings, real estate, holidays, sports, fashion, etc.). 

The multiple, distinct text-to-video functions of Pictory, like “Article to Video,” “Script to Video,” and others, overtake Invideo that, tries to compress all kinds of texts-to-video tasks under the “AI Text to Video” option.

But Invideo has layers of the custom-built features of ingrained editing for a higher-level user experience. Both the platforms face site crashes and delayed “export” timing sometimes. But ultimately, the Hootsuite integration allows you to download videos, save them, and share them on your social media platforms.  

Invideo Features

User Interface and Operation 

Pictory has four formats for generating videos, with each having different functions. A user-friendly interface makes it easy for a newbie without any technical expertise. The homepage layout has clear and concise instructions that direct you to take action based on what you seek. It’s effortless to use, and after a couple of times, you can skillfully maneuver the tool to create videos within minutes. Furthermore, below each format, you can watch their respective tutorials too.

To begin with, the option of Article to Video is for blogs, press releases, HTML Articles, etc., wherein you can attach the URL. Script to Video can create educational, listicles, coaching, and step-by-step guide videos after you copy and paste your Text on this box.

You can create shorter videos using existing images and video clips with Visuals to Video. Suppose you want to add subtitles automatically, cut portions of videos, create video highlights, or add a logo, intro, and outro. In that case, Edit Videos with Voice using Text is available. Drag and drop the file or run through the computer for the last two. You can watch an expert’s video for a detailed explanation.

About Invideo’s minimalist User Interface, you can see that it looks less detailed than Pictory. The pre-built “Templates” have 5000+ customizable videos that the tool selects based on industry (fashion, sports, travel, e-commerce, etc.) and type (promos, ads, listicles, how-to, vlogs, etc.).

The AI Text to Video generates engaging videos in different themes from scripts. You can select your desired aspect ratio of landscape, square, or portrait. The stock media contains many images and videos from various sources like Shutterstock, story block, iStock, etc. Edit the music, Text, logo, shapes, and other processes. You can watch the complete tutorial by clicking the “i” (info) button right next to the options. 

Price Plans

The price division of Pictory entails three monthly categories of “Standard” ($19), “Premium” ($39), and “Teams” ($99). In contrast, the per month purchase plan of Invideo ranges from “Free” ($0) to “Business” ($15) and “Unlimited” ($30). The key takeaway is the limits on the number of videos, music tracks, branded templates, and the AI Text-to-Speech per month, depending on your price plan. 

Pictory Pricing

Invideo segregates monthly pricing options into two parts of “Business” ($15) and “Unlimited” ($30). You can even bill it annually at $180 and $360, respectively. The usage on mobile is available contrary to the Pictory that needs a desktop to run. Limits on the number of HD videos, iStock media, and background removers exist based on your purchase. Thus, the price plan of both tools is satisfactory. 

Invideo Pricing

Ease Of Use

The ease of use varies slightly on both platforms. While Pictory may comprehensively display its facets, Invideo requires some time to know it better. The UI of Pictory is more beginner-friendly than that of Invideo.

While the former is simple in its text-to-video features, the latter has advanced options (like text-to-speech, and voiceover recordings, to name a few) that require you to spend extra time with the tool to know it well. However, you want quick videos without much-advanced editing and can work with fewer customization options. In that case, you can select Pictory over Invideo. 



A lot of Redditors confirm that Pictory is a game-changer for them. From quality transcription to short videos of long-written content, it masters versatility. But, one of the issues of this tool is its unavailability on mobile phones. Yet, people are pouring out their fondness for Pictory AI.

Mirza comments, “Needless to say, Pictory gave me good quality videos within minutes. My workflow is smoother and more efficient now.”

Pictory reviews

Sally asserts, “The auto voiceover feature is excellent and on-point. I fiddle with different accents to try and test, and except for a few lags, they are perfect.” 

Mikael complains, “The customer service just doesn’t get better. After continuous site failures, I contacted their mail. They assured me help but solved my problem only after I repeatedly nudged them.”


Invideo has unique editing traits, but it isn’t free of drawbacks. An experienced Redditor claims that previewing and exporting in this tool takes a lot of time. You cannot even change an earlier selected template later. Glance a few other pieces of feedback here.

Sarah says, “Invideo is an outstanding alternative to the modern video-creating tools. It has a reasonable price range for its various features.”

Invideo reviews

Anshul writes, “The media library is big and bright. But what I like the most is the variety of customizable options of the Invideo. It took me some time to improve, but it’s all worth the try.

Ronnie argues, “The voiceover does not sync well with video and looks extra automated. I don’t know when the makers are fixing this issue.”  

Value for Money

Both the platforms – Pictory and Invideo, offer exceptional value for money options and have a solid backing of star ratings. The two rank 4.6/5 stars (value for money) on Capterra, with close calls on the features, ease of use, and other aspects.

On Software Advice, too, they have a similar rating of 4.5/5 alongside a tight race for different categories of functionality and customer support. Tons of positive feedback coupling a handful of negative ones flood the official sites of these software tools. In reply, they assert that regular updates would see improvements anytime soon. 

Now, let us look at the strengths and weaknesses of Pictory AI and Invideo.

Pictory AI: Pros and Cons


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It has the collaboration option in its “Teams” plan.
  • Pictory offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • It provides all-in-one text-to-video editing features.
  • The high video quality comes at an affordable price.
  • Ace the creation of quality videos without any technical expertise.


  • The customer service can be better.
  • The learning curve in using this tool is almost negligible.
  • Audio editing options are less versatile than in some other devices.
  • There isn’t an “Upload” feature for script documents.
  • You can access the collaboration tools only in the “Teams” plan. 
  • The documentary-style videos that Pictory generates are average.

Invideo: Pros and Cons


  • It is less pricey than Pictory.
  • It offers a free trial beforehand.
  • The customer service remains active 24/7.
  • You can create a free 40-minute video for free.
  • It has a great library of stock videos and images.
  • The wide range of templates helps in advanced editing.


  • The time of exporting is lengthy.
  • It may repeatedly use the same clips often.
  • It may need more options for customization
  • You avail money-back guarantee in only seven days.  
  • Even the 4000+ templates fall short for video creators.
  • You must subscribe to the “Premium” category to access some good features.

FAQs | Pictory VS Invideo

Here are a few doubts that people often have regarding these tools. Have a look at their answers below. 

Which is better: InVideo or Pictory?

They stand out in their respective categories, as we saw above. Still, Pictory has the upper hand in quality templates, accurate syncs of auto voiceover, and the creation of sharp video highlights for meetings and webinars.  

Is InVideo really free?

Invideo offers a free plan with access to 6000+ templates, free video sharing, a 40-minute video duration, a three million+ standard media library, and automated text-to-speech. However, you cannot get rid of watermarks at the end of the free videos.

Invideo templates

What’s better than Pictory?

There is a plethora of video editing software tools that give tough competition to Pictory. Some of the top names that come into view are Invideo, Lumen5, and Canva, among the likes. These tools have distinct specialties of free templates, an in-built library of stock images, videos, voiceovers, and other peculiarities.

Is InVideo good or bad?

InVideo is a great tool for video creators of both beginner and advanced levels. The customization options are diverse alongside the editing features. As you see above, it is an all-in-one tool for quality video creation from scratch.

Is the InVideo watermark free?

The free plan of Invideo comes with some limitations regarding watermarked video outputs and countable exports. You can bill the other programs, “Business” and “Unlimited”, monthly or annually if you seek to exclude the watermark and carry out unlimited exports.  

The Bottom Line

Our Pictory VS Invideo battle throws light into some salient contrasts between the two. Though Invideo offers an accessible starting plan, unlike Pictory, there are a few complaints about it repeating some of its clips often in the free plan. Such is not the case with Pictory AI, which comes with superb-quality templates.

Pictory AI is sharp and accurate in creating video highlights and snippets from long-form videos, but Invideo doesn’t have this feature. Both offer 24/7 customer support via mail or phone, but Invideo offers a live chat support option too. Overall, both provide a great experience to their users, and it finally depends on which one you like the most after undergoing their free trials. 

If you still need clarification or queries in any of the areas above, share them with us in the comments below. We will get back to you in no time.

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