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By Anderson Smith

Launched as a short form video sharing platform internationally in 2018, TikTok has amassed popularity and viewership, unlike any social media platform. It touched a remarkable number of 1.92 billion worldwide users in 2023, expected to increase in 2024. It has completely revolutionized entertainment and advertising.

Businesses were quick to catch on to this trend and use the platform to reach target audiences. However, advertising on TikTok can get difficult, especially with many attractive videos. A little insider knowledge and optimization can prove to be your best friend. 

An ad spy tool is just what you need to scour through the ad databases of TikTok to tell you what sells. And while you are here, get your hands on the opponent’s strategy to start strategizing better and finding your target audience. And if that sounds exciting, you will quickly become a fan of PiPiADS, one of the best in the game. To know more about PiPiADS, delve straight into our unbiased PiPiADS review. 

PiPiADS Review

A creative and successful advertisement can be a tough nut to crack. Still, PiPiADS carries the weight for you by optimizing the data of TikTok ad campaigns so you always deliver flawless results. It offers several features and allows customer insight to create an engaging advertisement. You can reach accurate conclusions about business trends that have increased sales for several users. 

What is PiPiADS?

PiPiADS is a TikTok ad spy tool that allows you to conclude the most extensive current database, the TikTok video data. Imagine accessing this data to strategize your ad campaign based on ad impression, your target audience and location, popular products, and the most lucrative release dates and times. Even an absolute beginner could create a successful ad with that. 

In the online business and advertising world, you need to be visible to potential customers. PiPiADS saves the day with its advanced targeting options and offers creative tools and templates so the ad is creative and its reach maximized so your establishment keeps thriving in the digital world. You can also look into your competitor’s promotional strategies and learn from their mistakes to create a more effective ad. 

PiPiADS review

Who can benefit from PiPiADS?

  • Dropshipping businesses: Starting a business without the hassle of manufacturing and inventory has been an attractive business model for budding entrepreneurs. PiPiADS can offer invaluable insight into business trends and popular products, whether you want to start a dropshipping venture or are already established.
  • Social media marketers: With TikTok and other social media apps becoming popular, businesses have dedicated teams to market their products on those platforms. PiPiADS can help people responsible for social media marketing find their target demographic and get valuable insight.
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs: People running their businesses exclusively online must be visible and find target customers. Sounds like something PiPiADS is made for.
  • Product Researchers: PiPiADS is a handy tool for people responsible for researching market trends and data. 

Features of PiPiADS

PiPiADS offers an excellent research tool to understand what makes an ad stand out. These features help make that possible.

Top Selling products

Popularity is key in advertising, so whether you want to find trending products or products that generally do well and have had a history of high traffic, PiPiADS is the tool for you. To access the knowledge of the latest and greatest products in demand right now, you can tap the “Winning Products” under the Advertiser drop-down. 

The fun does not stop there, as you can filter and sort these products based on price, category, location, and several other metrics, making it completely customizable. You can also view individual ad performances as PiPiADS allows you to see each post’s likes, comments, and shares to discern its engagement. Sounds like all you need for the recipe of a successful ad. 

Features of PiPiADS

Product Search

You can also find specific products with the nifty feature of PiPiADS called Product Search. Just click on the tab, and you will be directed to the Product Search page, where you will be greeted with products and product categories and a search bar to start looking. But the functionalities of the Product Search page do not end here as there are several filters like Location, Category, Ad Impressions, and many more, so you can effectively filter out and customize your search results. 

The products can also be arranged based on e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. Users may also view the cost of the product, the amount that advertisers spend on ads, and the costs of rival advertisers, giving them insight into the tactics and possible weaknesses of the competition. The platform also includes links to the product on the dropshipping site and the TikTok URL to ensure you have all the necessary information in one location.

Advertiser Search

Well, they say you keep your friends and enemies close. Other advertisers are not your enemies, but they are your business rivals, so monitoring their advertising strategy and data can benefit you greatly. Advertiser Search is a feature that lets you accomplish just that. You can just click away and find ad impressions, ad expenses, days, number of advertisements, likes, and more. You can also effortlessly navigate through a searchable database of inspirational ad collections, including a list of all the commercials run by a particular store or advertiser. 

PiPiADS has another nifty feature for keeping up with competitors: the Data Analytics section. Here, you can find out about the Ad Schedule, advertiser traffic, worldwide rank, country rank, category rank, and insights regarding visits over time, be they in a particular location or platform. This does not just eradicate the need for manual searching across social media platforms and creator pages but also gives absolute beginners a headstart and some much-needed creative inspiration.

Quality Advertising Material 

We have said it before and will say it again: PiPiADS should be your move to create an effective ad, especially if you are new to the business. Changing market trends demand newer and more engaging advertising strategies, and keeping up with all the information and finding inspiration can be daunting. But PiPiADS answers all those questions and more. 

pipiads Creative Tools and Templates

It provides high-quality material that can serve as a frame to piece together your creative process. You can access top advertisers and their top-performing ads and learn about growing trends and products that stay relevant for long periods. If you are struggling to find your niche, then PiPiADS can help you do that as well. 

Creative Tools and Templates

PiPiADS is not just a TikTok ad spy tool for tracking trends and products that are doing well; when inspiration strikes, you can create your ads, too. What if we told you the tools required to do that are available within the same platform? PiPiADS also allows you to streamline the creative process with the features mentioned below.

  • Ad templates: Preexisting ad templates can be the perfect place to start for someone new to ad creation and looking for a style that will inspire them to start editing. The templates can be customized and personalized easily.
  • Video editing tools: You can edit videos using PiPiADS using a great selection of filters and overlays. You can also add effects and transitions to create an engaging end product that will pique the interest of people who interact with the ad. 
  • Captions: Adding captions makes it easier for people to understand the intention behind the ad, especially when your target audience has a language barrier. 
  • Music library: You can also choose songs and soundtracks for your ad, which does not just make for an engaging ad, but you can also utilize popular music to reach a greater audience. 

How to use PiPiADS?

You must learn how to use the platform to unlock all this excitement. PiPiADS offers an intuitive experience, so browsing their website is a breeze, but we will help you get started.

Step 1: Sign up on PiPiADS

  • Visit the official PiPiADS website. 
  • You can locate the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the home page. Click on it. 
  • A page will open, prompting you to enter your details. 
  • Click on “Create My Account” to finish signing up. 
  • You can then sign into PiPiADS by entering the same information. 
  • You can also choose between a free trial or a subscription program.

Step 2: Researching Ads

Exploring the website for its innumerable possibilities will slowly make you a pro, but let us get into the basics of using the website.

  • Once you are on the website, you will see a ribbon on top with many buttons to research different categories like ads or advertiser searches.
  • The first button is called “TikTok Ad Search,” located to the right of the website name and logo. 
  • Clicking on this will reveal trending products on TikTok, along with a search bar on the top and several filters right below the search bar. 
  • You can enter keywords of your choice or filter out content. 
  • You will be met with similar page layouts for other options. 
  • You can return to the home page and click on other menu options like “Product Search” to search specific products or “Winning Product” to see the products people are currently raving about.
How to use PiPiADS?


The pricing plan of PiPiADS is unavailable until you create an account. Still, we have you covered as we discuss the three main subscription plans within the website: PiPiADS Starter, PiPiADS VIP, and PiPiADS PRO.

PiPiADS Starter

The Starter plan is ideal for individual users. It costs $77 or $54 per month if you get the annual subscription. This plan offers 200 TikTok searches for each query, 50 views per day of ad details, 50 views per day of advertisers, and 50 monthly product searches. Advanced filters make it simple to find desirable products.


Fifty views per day do not always cut, especially for a growing business. So, if you are an individual user who wants a little extra, the VIP plan is great. For $155 per month or $128, if you buy the annual plan, you will receive features like quick access to winning items, one collection feature, cancelation choices, 1000 TikTok searches per query, 200 daily ad details views, 1000 search advertisers, 200 daily advertisers views, and 200 monthly product searches. 


Now, if you want access to all the advanced features that PiPiADS has to offer, along with the ability to have multiple users within the same account, then you can combine the efficiency of not one, not two, but five people with the PiPiADS PRO plan.

For $236 per month or $181, if you buy the annual plan, you can have premium features such as 3000 search queries for ads, 1000 ad details per day, 1000 advertisers per query, 1000 product searches per month, advanced filters, access to winning products, block history and advertiser feature, 5 users, plan cancellation option, and availability of sales consultants.


Advantages and Disadvantages

To get a complete idea of what you are getting when you use PiPiADS, it is essential to know its pros and cons. Like any tool, PiPiADS has equally important limitations to discuss so you can make an informed decision. 


  • User-friendly: The interface is easy to follow, and all the essential menus and filters can be located easily.
  • Functions and features: The searchable database of TikTok ads that PiPiADS offers gives invaluable insight to users. The search results can be filtered and customized accordingly.
  • Product information: You can look into the details of each product to learn about their performance. 
  • Advertiser information: You can also find the details of specific advertisers to monitor their strategy.
  • Support: Certain subscription plans offer the assistance of a sales consultant that you can reach out to for any advice or when facing any challenges.


  • Expensive: The pricing section has already discussed the features you can access for the three subscription plans, which is not a bargain at any rate. For effective research, the cheapest plan of $77 per month does not cut it, and you need to go for the VIP plan for $155, which is a considerable amount. 
  • Limited free trial: The free trial of PiPiADS provides minimal access to the features, with only 12 ads per query, 8 products per query, 8 product details per day, 5 advertisers per query, and 5 advertisers per day. This heavily limits the user. 
  • Platform restriction: PiPiADS is only restricted to TikTok advertisements and will not be useful for people advertising across different platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions | PiPiADS Review

Can I try PiPiADS for free?

PiPiADS offers a free plan that you can use forever with a limited number of features accessible and searches per day. You can also have a three-day trial of the subscription services for $1.

Can I try PiPiADS for free?

How to pay for PiPiADS?

After selecting the subscription plan of your choice, you can proceed to initiate a payment. Credit Cards or PayPal are primarily used. 

How do you upgrade the PiPiADS subscription?

You can find the Upgrade option when you click on your current subscription plan. This will prompt you to select the new subscription plan of your choice and proceed to complete payment.

How do you cancel a PiPiADS subscription?

You will receive a customary reminder seven days before the expiration of your existing subscription program. You can continue with the payment or cancel the subscription at this stage. Choose wisely, as PiPiADS has a no-refund policy.

Conclusion | PiPiADS Review

TikTok’s popularity is undeniable as it has surpassed every other social media platform, and utilizing the TikTok audience to get your business off the ground is always a good idea. For TikTok advertisers, PiPiADS is an effective solution that provides extensive targeting choices, audience information, and ad creative capabilities. Its capacity for data-driven decision-making aids in maximizing efficiency and ad performance optimization. 

PiPiADS has demonstrated efficacy in raising engagement and conversion rates for TikTok ad campaigns. It is an essential tool for marketers looking to improve their advertising approach because of its extensive TikTok ad collection and easy-to-use interface. We have tried to cover what is possible with PiPiADS and relevant details for you to make an informed decision. We will see you again soon with a dose of information in another article.

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