PiPiADS VS Minea | Which Is The Better Choice?

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By Jane Robinson

With more than 4.5 billion people using the internet worldwide, digital marketing has become crucial for companies looking to connect with their intended customer base. Targeting an audience through social media applications is affordable as creating an effective ad is a one-time investment, and the engagements it receives in the form of likes, views, and shares can boost sales. 

PiPiADS VS Minea

But social media marketing is not just about making creative and engaging advertisements. Analyzing your competitor’s advertising strategies and methods is essential in understanding what makes them successful. Analyze the success metrics of rivals with businesses of comparable sizes, such as the number of views and ad publication date. 

This is where Ad Spying solution comes in, as these tools can offer insightful information about emerging tactics and patterns, enabling affiliate marketers to modify their campaigns and maintain a competitive edge. So, instead of the age-old trial and error method, marketers may increase campaign success and make well-informed decisions by employing these tools. This PiPiADS VS Minea honest comparison will help you choose the better option. 

PiPiADS VS Minea | Which Is The Better Choice?

PiPiADS and Minea are the two most popular names in ad-spying tools, but which one should you choose? With information on hot selling, winning, trending items, high-converting advertisements, and advertisers’ specialized techniques, these tools help you make the most of your eCommerce business. 


While it would be wonderful if you could utilize both, as they are paid services, we do not recommend breaking the bank. This comprehensive post contrasts the two tools’ features, costs, benefits, and other elements. Discover which of PiPiADS and Minea will work best for you; the question is not always which tool is superior but which suits your needs.

What is PiPiADS?

TikTok, a well-known video-sharing app, has a record 1.92 billion users as of 2023 and has completely changed the entertainment and advertising industries. Companies are using the platform to connect with their target markets. However, the endless TikTok feed and abundance of visually appealing videos make advertising difficult. 

This is where PiPiADS, an ad spy technology designed specifically for TikTok ad campaigns, comes into play. PiPiADS analyzes video data on the platform to optimize ad campaigns. It provides tools for creating compelling advertisements, sophisticated targeting choices, and client information. PiPiADS helps companies be visible to prospective clients and gain insights from rivals’ tactics to produce more effective advertisements. 

Key features of PiPiADS

  • TT Ad Search: Finding the most popular advertisements on TikTok can be done with a single click, and results can be further filtered according to your preferences.
  • Product Search: Searching specific products is entirely accessible as well.
  • Winning Product: You can also find top-selling products and filter them out using a variety of metrics.
  • Advertiser Search: Understand the strategy of your competitor to get a headstart.
  • Etsy Product: You can also find the in-demand products on Etsy. 


Three subscription tiers are available from PiPiADS: PiPiADS Starter, PiPiADS VIP, and PiPiADS PRO. For $77 (or $54 if you choose an annual membership), the PiPiADS Starter plan provides 200 TikTok searches, 50 daily ad views, 50 daily advertiser views, and 50 monthly product searches for individual users. 

For $155 per month or $128 per month with an annual plan, the VIP plan gives extra benefits, including rapid access to winning products, collection, cancelation choices, 1000 TikTok searches, daily ad details views, 1000 search advertisers, and 200 monthly product searches. For $236 per month or $181 per month for a year, PiPiADS PRO provides additional functionality for numerous users, such as search queries, ad details, product searches, filters, block history, and sales consultants.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Several tools for effective ad spying on TikTok.
  • Advanced features.
  • All-time free access with limited features is available.
  • Free trial of subscription plans for $1 for three days.


  • The functionality of PiPiADS is restricted to TikTok. 
  • PiPiADS is an expensive service. 

What is Minea?

On the other hand, Minea expands your horizons beyond TikTok advertisements as it can also track ads spanning social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. The artificial intelligence revolution is taking the world by storm, and Minea employs it effectively to deliver crucial measurements, knowledgeable insights, and creative assets. 


The search and filter options within the service make Minea a flexible tool that allows you to access a vast collection of ads daily with over 200 million ads and items. Minea is a credit-based system, meaning every time a user uses one of Minea’s functions, credits are subtracted from their account. And on top of that, the platform provides an inbuilt array of tools to create an ad from scratch. 

Key features of Minea

  • Daily Insights: 200 million ads are available for you to find inspiration every day.
  • Success Radar: Discern product trends for valuable insight.
  • Magic Search: Do one-tap searches for products or advertisers.
  • AI-Powered Tools: These tools help you write descriptions and find similar products.
  • Locate Suppliers: Locate legitimate suppliers to kickstart your dropshipping business.
  • Shopify Integration: Easily import products to your Shopify store.


Minea also provides three different subscription levels for individuals and corporations alike. As previously noted, Minea is a credit-based service, meaning each plan has a set amount of credits. Starting at $49 per month (or $34 per month if annualized), the Starter plan offers features that are affordable for any budget, including 10,000 credits, Facebook Ads, influencer placements, analytics, filters, and the convenience of a Chrome Extension. 


More amenities, including Facebook Ads, Influencer placements, analytics, filters, Chrome Extension, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, and in-depth store analysis with 100,000 credits, are available with the $99/month or $69/annual Premium plan. With 150,000 credits, the $399 monthly plan (or $299 monthly for a year) is best suited for more experienced users and enterprises who want to get more out of their service. 


  • Minea is accessible across platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. 
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • It is the more affordable option(see pricing below).
  • AI-powered recommendations.
  • Shopify integration.


  • Minea is a credit-based service, so you don’t have limitless options. 
  • It is not for beginners and requires learning to use the service effectively.

Final Verdict | PiPiADS VS Minea

Ad spying has become necessary for dropshipping businesses, social media marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and product researchers. So choosing between two paid services is important to get your money’s worth. 

On the one hand, we have PiPiADS, an exceptional ad spying tool for TikTok; on the other hand, Minea offers many advertising avenues. We have further provided information related to features and pricing, so your choice relies on your marketing goals and financial resources. That is all we have for you today, and we hope to see you again soon. 

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