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By Jane Robinson

The fame of Pictory AI is rising with each passing day. And we can completely understand why. This AI video editor alone handles and automates the entire process of your video editing stint. It has become easier to jazz up your content creation game in a flash.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are flocking up to get the app. They are constantly looking for ways to avail of the app for free. But Pictory Free Trial has more to it than you know now. Are there any other hidden ways to benefit from the app for free? What does the free trial of Pictory AI say? Let’s get answers to these questions for you in this article today.

Know the reality of the app’s free trial as we maneuver through its prices, perks, usage on mobile, a method to avail of the free trial, and more.

Pictory Free Trial 2023 | Get It without CC

Pictory is a cloud-based video editing tool that can convert your long-form text into short-form videos in no time. Also, you can draw out video snippets from long videos and create video highlights. It has distinct sets of stock footage, music, voiceovers, and captions.

Pictoy AI

Pictory allows all the articles, blogs, and news articles in only HTML format, not PDF, Word, or Google Docs (as of now). You do not need technical skills or any prior software installed already to use it. To know its complete analysis, check out this article. For now, let’s quickly scan its price plans. 

Pictory Pricing

The price plan of Pictory spans three sections. They are “Standard,” “Premium,” and “Teams.” The app has annual and monthly subscriptions, and that too without needing your credit card.

Speaking of the first one – “Standard“- it should be best for the creators and makers just starting their video editing journey. Specifically, subscribe to this plan if you want to use the app as your hobby and nothing more. Let’s look into each of them in detail.

Pictory pricing


Here, you access one account to generate up to 30 monthly videos. The length of text-to-video projects is up to 10 minutes. You also get 10 hours of video transcription and can edit your pre-recorded videos 1 hour long. Apart from well-segmented existing templates and 5000+ music tracks that come attached to this app, you also get 34 text-to-speech AI voices in this monthly plan.  


But, if you have a small to mid-size organization, Pictory’s “Premium” plan is for you. The only difference as compared to its “Standard” plan is in terms of increased limits on the number of video uploads (60), text-to-video projects, 20 hours of transcription, 10,000 music tracks, 60 text-to-speech AI voices, ten branded templates, automatic voiceover synchronization, and automatic video highlights. The feature of Hootsuite integration is also available. Additionally, you can buy extra videos and transcription hours in-app.  


This plan allows three users per account against one user per account in the earlier two programs. With 90 videos per month and an extended project duration of text-to-video for 30 minutes, the “Team’s” plan offers the highest perks. You can get 20 branded templates, all of which you can customize and save. Only this price plan has a collaboration option allowing users to share features. Here too, you can modify users, videos, and video length.

It may be the priciest choice of yours. Still, you may want to consider it as a noteworthy investment in your video creation stint. Now, arriving at the central part of our article, the free trial, let’s see what it says.

Unlocking Pictory Free Trial

Follow these steps to unlock Pictory AI’s free trial. 

  • Visit the official site of Pictory AI at https://pictory.ai  OR click the button below.

  • Find and click the “Get Started For Free! (No Credit Card Required)” button.
  • Now, the signup page will appear. Click on “Continue with Google” or enter your credentials.
start pictory free trial
  • You will receive a confirmation mail afterward. Simply click on its link to confirm it.
  • The app will ask you a few customized questions, like your primary goal of using it, your number of employees, and describe yourself professionally. 
  • This step is unimportant but gives the software an idea about you. Select any one of the five options that suit you the best.
  • It’ll ask a few more questions; select and click on “Submit and Sign Up.”
  • It will direct you to its dashboard, and you will see all the options of “Script to Video,” “Article to Video,” “Edit Videos using Text,” and “Visuals to Video” there.
dashboard pictory

The free trial allows you to create up to three videos (each 10 minutes long). After several initial attempts, it takes at least an hour to get through its usage direction.

Still, you can drastically reduce the editing time to fifteen minutes later. To cut on the extra time, know to maneuver this tool in its complete guide here. And the best part is that you don’t need to enter any credit card or payment details to try Pictory Ai.

Moving forward, let us sum up this tool’s notable pros and cons.    


  • Pictory generates quality videos for your social media.
  • You can use stock images and videos free of watermark.
  • The quality of templates is better than many other AI video editors.
  • It offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on your dissatisfied purchase. 


  • The customer service draws flak for its delayed assistance.
  • This tool could be more pricey when compared to its contemporaries.
  • The collaboration feature is only available in the “Teams” plan.

FAQs | Pictory AI Free Trial 

You can look at the answers to the most-asked questions below.  

How to use Pictory AI for free?

You can access their free trial that enables you to create up to three video projects, each of up to ten minutes long. The perks of pictory ai’s free trial are similar to that of its “Standard” plan, the first of the three pricing tiers of Pictory AI.  

What is the best Pictory AI alternative?

There are many great alternatives for Pictory AI. Some of the notable ones are Canva, InVideo, and Descript. They offer a free plan with roughly the same features but limited use. Now, you can try each for free to know what suits you the best. 

How to avail of the Pictory AI mobile?

This software is only available on PC or desktops. However, some users shared their way of using this app on mobile, which you may follow. On your phone’s website, type Pictory AI. After opening and clicking on “Get Started For Free.” 

Click the three dots on the top corner of your browser (on the phone). Tick on the option of the desktop site you may find below. This step makes your browser look like you are using it on your desktop even when you are not. And now, log in to your account to use it for free on your mobile screen.

Pictory AI

How long is the free trial Pictory?

The software allows up to three projects (each up to ten minutes long). You do not need to add your credit card details to access it. Though the app isn’t free, the price options are reasonable too. So, if it fits your budget, it would be best to subscribe to the basic plan. 

Is there a free version of Pictory?

The free version of Pictory comes with the option of a free trial. If you are looking for a separate free plan in AI video editors, in that case, try out one of its most famous alternatives – InVideo. Not only is InVideo less pricey and has features similar to Pictory’s, but some of them (in its free plan) are not even available in Pictory.   

What happens after a 1-month free trial?

Generally, Pictory does not offer a one-month free trial to the users. It depends on how much time you took to generate three videos, each 10 minutes long, i.e., the free trial plan of Pictory AI. You can redeem its free trial in one day or even lengthen it to one month.  

Closure | Pictory Free Trial

So you know now that Pictory AI is not free but offers a free trial. Some creators share their codes to avail of some percentage discount on the app’s price plans, but it’s not entirely free. The time limit to use this app is not on the number of days or months but on the number of uses.

If you plan to use the tool after the free trial ends, you need to sign up for one of its plans that it charges monthly or annually. Though the software’s build is only supported on laptops or desktops, a lesser-known shortcut exists for installing and using it on mobiles. 

As we analyzed Pictory’s features, price plan, free trial, perks, and drawbacks, I hope you have a clearer picture of it now.

Overall, Pictory AI is easy to use and cost-effective and has an almost negligible learning curve to help you adapt to its features and functions better in less time. If you think it may prove to be an essential investment in your business later and want to gauge its operation, try out its free trial following the step-by-step method I shared above.

If you still have any questions, comment below; we will revert to it in no time.   

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